• "Black" Jack Grimm

    "Black" Jack Grimm

    A Halfling Rogue who manned the crow's nest in the crashed Airship
  • Albertus Lockspinner, The Fabricator

    Albertus Lockspinner, The Fabricator

    A gnome inventor who was captured by the Spark Clan and forced to create war machines for his enemies.
  • Brekkek Kallax

    Brekkek Kallax

    A lizardman refugee staying at the Golden Pinnacle Monastery under the protection of Elder Veldrake
  • Cpt. Alexandria Greystone

    Cpt. Alexandria Greystone

    An overworked, stern forest guardian, working for The Riftwatchers. She's also the PC's Commanding Officer.
  • Dorji Dzyana

    Dorji Dzyana

    The blind abbot of the Golden Pinnacle Abbey
  • Elder Veldrake the Resplendent

    Elder Veldrake the Resplendent

    A human wizard and elder of the Golden Pinnacle monastery, currently on his deathbed.
  • Elidian, Loremaster

    Elidian, Loremaster

    An Eladrin Wizard working for the Riftwatchers as Loremaster
  • First Mate Emile Lockhart

    First Mate Emile Lockhart

    First Mate of the crashed airship, who made it back to Riftwatchers HQ alive (but just barely). A Half-elf fighter.
  • Hildegard Weaver

    Hildegard Weaver

    A human cleric who serves the Golden Pinnacle Monastery
  • Honorius Heartseeker

    Honorius Heartseeker

    A gold dragonborn paladin who serves as guardian of the Golden Pinnacle Monastery.
  • Makalia, Pinnacle Seer

    Makalia, Pinnacle Seer

    A seer revered at the Golden Pinnacle Monastery--is she more than she seems?
  • Skrap


    A goblin prisoner, taken at the site of the Airship crash
  • The Nilbog

    The Nilbog

    A goblin jester possessed by a trickster deity
  • Vajri Nightstrider

    Vajri Nightstrider

    A drow shadow monk training at the Golden Pinnacle Monastery under the Abbot Dorji Dzyana.
  • Vernorius The Cruel

    Vernorius The Cruel

    A red Dragonborn sorcerer of the Dreamfire Cult. Slavemaster of the Dirtskull Clan. Known as "Burny Lizardhead" amongst the Dirtskull Goblins.