A Dream of Flame

The Scambush

After interrogating their hostage, Skrap, and speaking to the rescued halfling, a certain “Black” Jack Grimm, The players learn about the so-called “Painbelcher,” which seems to be a kind of shrapnel cannon. It appears that Skrap’s comrades have been sold by their King, Dirtblaster the magnificent, to the Spark Clan, a powerful clan of Orcs from the Burning Mesa. Skrap mentions that he and the goblin party were searching for the “twirlyball” [a.k.a. the Gyroscope] in order to give it to the “Fat Brick Eater” and their Boss “Burny Lizardhead.” He also reveals that a “Scambush party” is lying in wait for the players on the road ahead.

The players manage to sneak up behind the so-called Scambush party, finding them in their hiding places and picking them off one by one. Alchemy, the Genasi Druid, nearly dies when a bugbear strikes him with his spiked club, but Zahen manages to reach him and heals him just in time. With a few well-placed Eldritch Blasts from Thyra, the Bugbear falls to the party, and with the rest of the scambush party neutralized, the party turns in for a much needed rest.


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