A Dream of Flame

Party Crashers

Investigating the Airship Crash

The Party meets Elidian, the loremaster of the Riftwatchers, who is joined shortly afterwards by Lt. Alexandria Greystone, the party’s Commanding Officer. As Lt. Greystone is going over the rules of the Riftwatcher militia, she is interrupted by reports that an airship has crashed in a nearby meadow. A severely wounded survivor has managed to return to Riftwatcher HQ, but he is badly injured.

After finishing up questioning of the crash victim, First Mate Emile Lockhart, The party, under the guidance of Lt. Alexandria Greystone, rides out to the airship crash site to investigate the goblin raid. After a number of twigs were broken and shiny objects were conjured, the party gets the jump on a small group of goblins that are prowling around the crash site. They slay three goblins, hold one hostage, and let a “wolf-like creature” escape.

They also manage to heal and rescue an airship crew member. He’s a halfling, but so far his name has not been revealed.


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