A Dream of Flame

Knock Knock

The Goblin Stronghold

The team finally arrives at the Goblin stronghold, where they encounter a door with a puzzle-trap. It takes a couple of tries, but they manage to get inside after Zahen broke the code. Inside, the team rushes the two front guards and investigates a room full of timber, and soon after comes upon a sign.

The sign, written in the goblin language, marks three different directions. Since no one can read goblin, they can piece together three words: Leader, Food, and Explosion. They choose to go towards the explosion, which, you know, is not the choice people typically make when confronted with those three options. At the crossroads, the team notices a huge construction bay with a nearly-complete airship in it.

Moving down the path marked “Explosion”, the crew encounters another guardpost and a locked gate blocking the passage. This time, Gundahar shot in a fire bolt, alerting the Bugbear guards to the party’s presence, which gave them time to whistle for reinforcements. The party dispatched the guards, claiming revenge for the poor squirrel that was sacrificed in the previous session. But, with reinforcements on the way, what will they do next?


mphillips RobinTheDM

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