A Dream of Flame

Knock Knock
The Goblin Stronghold

The team finally arrives at the Goblin stronghold, where they encounter a door with a puzzle-trap. It takes a couple of tries, but they manage to get inside after Zahen broke the code. Inside, the team rushes the two front guards and investigates a room full of timber, and soon after comes upon a sign.

The sign, written in the goblin language, marks three different directions. Since no one can read goblin, they can piece together three words: Leader, Food, and Explosion. They choose to go towards the explosion, which, you know, is not the choice people typically make when confronted with those three options. At the crossroads, the team notices a huge construction bay with a nearly-complete airship in it.

Moving down the path marked “Explosion”, the crew encounters another guardpost and a locked gate blocking the passage. This time, Gundahar shot in a fire bolt, alerting the Bugbear guards to the party’s presence, which gave them time to whistle for reinforcements. The party dispatched the guards, claiming revenge for the poor squirrel that was sacrificed in the previous session. But, with reinforcements on the way, what will they do next?

The Scambush

After interrogating their hostage, Skrap, and speaking to the rescued halfling, a certain “Black” Jack Grimm, The players learn about the so-called “Painbelcher,” which seems to be a kind of shrapnel cannon. It appears that Skrap’s comrades have been sold by their King, Dirtblaster the magnificent, to the Spark Clan, a powerful clan of Orcs from the Burning Mesa. Skrap mentions that he and the goblin party were searching for the “twirlyball” [a.k.a. the Gyroscope] in order to give it to the “Fat Brick Eater” and their Boss “Burny Lizardhead.” He also reveals that a “Scambush party” is lying in wait for the players on the road ahead.

The players manage to sneak up behind the so-called Scambush party, finding them in their hiding places and picking them off one by one. Alchemy, the Genasi Druid, nearly dies when a bugbear strikes him with his spiked club, but Zahen manages to reach him and heals him just in time. With a few well-placed Eldritch Blasts from Thyra, the Bugbear falls to the party, and with the rest of the scambush party neutralized, the party turns in for a much needed rest.

Party Crashers
Investigating the Airship Crash

The Party meets Elidian, the loremaster of the Riftwatchers, who is joined shortly afterwards by Lt. Alexandria Greystone, the party’s Commanding Officer. As Lt. Greystone is going over the rules of the Riftwatcher militia, she is interrupted by reports that an airship has crashed in a nearby meadow. A severely wounded survivor has managed to return to Riftwatcher HQ, but he is badly injured.

After finishing up questioning of the crash victim, First Mate Emile Lockhart, The party, under the guidance of Lt. Alexandria Greystone, rides out to the airship crash site to investigate the goblin raid. After a number of twigs were broken and shiny objects were conjured, the party gets the jump on a small group of goblins that are prowling around the crash site. They slay three goblins, hold one hostage, and let a “wolf-like creature” escape.

They also manage to heal and rescue an airship crew member. He’s a halfling, but so far his name has not been revealed.


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